Bagel of the Day 

My dietary restrictions as a Muslim limited my food options in my college dining hall. As a result, Ifound myself eating a bagel every day. I began experimenting with different toppings and combinations to make my bagels more interesting and flavorful. I documented my creations in a photo series called "Bagel of the Day," which I shared with my friends on my finsta account. Over time, I became more adventurous with my bagel creations and started incorporating non-traditional toppings like fruit, cereal, and spreads. This feedback helped me to continually evolve and refine my creations.

At the end of the semester, I had come up with a total of 42 unique bagel combinations, all using the limited ingredients available in my college dining hall. I created a TikTok video showcasing my top 10 bagels at the dining hall, which received a lot of positive feedback and views. My ability to think outside the box and turn a limited food situation into a creative opportunity allowed me to engage with others and share my culinary creations with a wider audience. It also taught me that sometimes, limitations can lead to unexpected opportunities for growth and creativity.